Remote Start

Never get into a hot car again.

Ready For Any Vehicle

Comfort at your finger tips. Start your car and have your A/C running with the touch of a button.

Security Systems

Lifetime Warranty, Unique Features

Long Range & 2 Way Paging

Receive alerts on your remote from up to 1.6km away, because no one cares more about your vehicle then you.

GPS Tracking


Fleet Management or Vehicle Security

Manage your fleet, control your vehicle, receive alerts or simply locate your pride and joy. DroneMobile will do it all.

Dash Cameras

HD Driver Recording Cameras

Protect Yourself

High Definition Dual Dash Cameras for front & rear with 24/7 video surveillance and motion detection around your vehicle.

Advanced Telematics & GPS Tracking

The unique features and advantages of Compustar's DroneMobile system has seen Compustar shoot to the forefront of fleet management and vehicle security. Through its DroneMobile app users can not only see exactly where their vehicles are instantaneously but control them remotely anywhere in the world.

Revolutionary Remote Start & Security

Winner of 2014 MESA Vendor of the year in the USA, Compustar has proven itself to be the leader in award winner remote start and security technology. Through its innovation it has connected people all over the world to their vehicle like never before seen.

The Compustar difference....or should we say advantage!

Why Is Compustar Is The Best?

Step 1 : Choose a System


Upgrade Your Vehicle's Security

Compustar's ALARM IT Module is the perfect solution for adding security to your vehicle new or old.

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Step into Comfort! Why Not?

Never get into a hot car or cold car again, remote start it and have the temperature just right every time.

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Max Out Your Car's Potential.

Remote Start & Security in one complete package! Never can go wrong with the best of both worlds.

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Step 2 : Choose a Remote

Get It Installed

Get it installed professionally, simple as that!!  By choosing one of highly train dealerships located across Australia you gain access to Compustar's limited Lifetime warranty guarantee PLUS exclusive, products, features and benefits that only our dealers can offer!  
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Need Help?

Got questions or not sure what will work for your vehicle? Don't sweat, we love to help. All our staff our highly trained and can advise you on the best system to suit your requirements! Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff online or via phone. We are at your service!! 
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Connect Your Car to Your Smartphone

DroneMobile gives you the peace of mind, convenience, and security of staying connected to your car. Every system starts with the Drone module, which connects to a remote start or security system to give you unlimited access to your vehicle.

How DroneMobile works

DroneMobile 3 is available in the Google Play® and the iOS App Stores®.

Award-Winning Smartphone Experience

DroneMobile is Compustar's 2x CES Award-Winning solution that gives users the peace of mind, convenience, and security of always staying connected to their vehicles via their smartphones.

DroneMobile is compatible with all Compustar and iDatalink remote starters in order to ensure that all users and dealers have the flexibility to upgrade to this cutting-edge solution.

DroneMobile Smartphone Control

Compustar Australia is proud to present the all new, Compustar DASH.

Compustar DASH is a High-Definition Dual Dash Cam that records the video and audio of activity surrounding your vehicle. The system includes two 720p cameras that can be installed at the front and rear of your vehicle.

Once installed, Compustar DASH adds 24/7/365 surveillance and motion detection around your vehicle, keeping your vehicle safe and keeping you informed.

Driving Mode

Parking Mode

24/7/365 Security

Compustar Dash is the future of vehicle security and surveillance. Don't be caught out, capture every moment and have peace of mind.

Australia Map New

Where to Buy?

When you join with Compustar Australia, you're joining a family of passionate people who are committed to delivering the best value to consumers that is why we support our product and our dealers.

Get it installed professionally by choosing one of highly trained dealerships located across Australia. This ensures you gain access to Compustar’s limited Lifetime warranty guarantee PLUS exclusive, products, features and benefits that only our dealers can offer!

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Advanced remote start and security systems for virtually all vehicles. Featuring models with up to 1 mile of range.

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iPhone and Android application for vehicle GPS, security and remote start. Connecting you to your vehicle.

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Innovative solutions serving the aftermarket automotive industry and home consumers. The connected company.

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